German Immigration in Brazil: Ships and Passengers Years 1828 to 1830

German Immigration in Brazil: Ships and Passengers Years 1828 to 1830

1st edition 02/2020 184 pages.

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This book will deal with 15 sailing ships that in the years 1828 to 1830 brought immigrants to Brazil from Germany.

The first edition of this book will be available only in printed book format.

This edition will bring updates and corrections on all previous editions for the same period.

In the 15 ships treated in this book, a good part of the passengers are immigrants who came to several Brazilian states in Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco and Rio de janeiro, but whenever possible they list passengers who went to other states.

Basically the book provides a summary with details of the ship, departure and arrival location, departure and arrival date, and the passenger list (as complete as possible, if any), in addition to basic information about immigrants, in most cases .

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Details of the 1st edition

The book contains approximately 184 pages, A4 size.


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Ademar F. Fey

Researching the Fey family in Rio Grande do Sul

Researching German emigration to Rio Grande do Sul from 1824 to 1830

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