German Immigration to Brazil – Years 1824 to 1830

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The site aims to study and disseminate publications on historical and genealogical data about German immigration in Brazil, in the first official period, from 1824 to 1830.

Still in 2017 we started a project to organize the data of ships and passengers in the first period of German Immigration in Brazil. Learn more about the project at this link German Immigration in Brazil Period from 1824 to 1830 – Project 2017-2024 (Imigração Alemã no Brasil Período de 1824 a 1830 – Projeto 2017-2024)

In the top header of this blog and in the menu below you will find various information about German immigration in Brazil, including books, articles, ships and passengers from the period studied.

Click on the desired subject below to access our publications and enjoy:

. Books on German Immigration in Brazil

. Lists of Passengers of Ships Period 1824-1830

. Articles on German Immigration in Brazil

For more information about this book click on the link of the desired book.


Ademar Felipe Fey

  • Researching German immigration to Brazil in the period 1824-1830
  • Researching the Fey family in Rio Grande do Sul

Contact by e-mail ademar.fey@gmail.com

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