Cäcilia Schip

Cäcilia Schip

In the study of German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil we found more than 40 ships from 1824 to 1840 (Fey).

Among these ships a history stands out: the voyage of the ship Cäcilia.

The ship’s voyage has turned 190 years in 2017.

According to local writers connected with German emigration, the ship Cäcilia left Bremen or Hamburg in January of 1827, having a disastrous trip.

The ship would have suffered serious damage during a storm in the North Sea, England, between January 12 and 13 of that year.

The ship would have lost all three masts and after some time rescued by an English boats and towed to the port of Plymouth or Falmouth, in England.

With small variations this story has been replicated in several websites and books since 1924, when Father Amstad published his book in commemoration of the centennial of German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul.

From here to there came several versions of the account of the trip.

For some writers the ship left Bremen for others from Hamburg.

In the version of some writers the ship was towed to Plymouth and second to the port of Falmouth.

Still some question the date of departure: for some it would be in 1827 and for others in 1828.

More recently a new version appeared where it is said that in reality this ship did not exist and the name was changed, for some unknown reason.

It is certain that many of the shipwrecked sailors of this ship, whether they existed or not, came in 1829 to Brazil aboard the James Laing Ship (see the list of passengers on the corresponding page on the blog homepage).

This blog page seeks to spread information about this trip that marked the German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul.

Upload the free article about the ship Cäcilia in this link artigo veleiro Cäcilia 

In June 2018, it was confirmed that the ship sailed from Holland in January 1828 and that its name was actually “Helena Maria”.

In view of these news, I published a book about this sailboat in April 2019 (more details on the link “Sailboat Cäcilia”).

If you are aware of any reports of immigrants or descendants who have taken this trip and would like to share, please contact us (see the “Contact” page of our blog).


Ademar F. Fey
Caxias do Sul, July, 25 2017


Use of the data on this page may be made provided the source is quoted. Originally posted on 25/07/2017.  

Last updated: 06/05/2019.

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