Ship Helena Maria

Ship Helena Maria

This ship sailed from the port of Texel in Amsterdam / Holland on 06/01/1828.

He was not very lucky because he suffered serious breakdowns in the North Sea from 12 to 13 January 1828.

He was rescued by an English boat and taken to Falmouth (England).

The vessel can no longer conduct transatlantic voyages having been sold in Falmouth.

The castaways stayed in Falmouth waiting for help for almost a year.

One question remain: What would be the original passengers of Helena and Maria (Helena Maria)?

The oral and written tradition of the German Immigration in Rio Grande do Sul mentioned this ship as “Cäcilia”.

More recently a new version appeared, where it is said that in reality this ship “Cäcilia” did not exist and its name was used for some unknown reason, because its real name was Helena Maria.

The truth is that many of the shipwrecked Helena Maria (Càcilia) came in 1829 to Brazil aboard the James Laing Ship (see the list of passengers in the corresponding page on the blog homepage).

During the year 2018 we received confirmation that most of the passengers on the ship named “Cäcilia” were in fact in the Helena Maria. Check out more information on the free article mentioned below, Helena Maria’s passenger list and the book published on the subject in 2019.

Download the free article that deals with the ship Cäcilia in this link.

Download the list of passengers of Helena Maria in this link.

Access the details of the book that reports the journey of Helena Maria in this link.

This blog page seeks to spread information about this trip that marked the German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul.

If you are aware of any reports of immigrants or descendants who have made this trip and would like to share, please contact us (see the “Contact” page of our blog).


Ademar Felipe Fey

Caxias do Sul, July 28, 2017


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