Fey Family in RS

Chronological Order in Fey Family Tree Try in RGS

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1st fey family to immigrate to Rio Grande do Sul (1824-1825)

Below is the genealogy data of the Fey family of my ancestors:

1776 Conrad Fey. Pentavô. Born in 1776 in Wallhausen, Germany.

1812 Frederick (Friedrich) Conrad Fey. Tetravô. He was born in 1812 in Hessen, Germany. Friedrich immigrated on May 21, 1825 (must be arrived in São Leopoldo). They traveled to Brazil by ship Der Kranich (1st trip).

1824 Conrad Fey and family in 1824 immigrated to Brazil with his family. Conrad died in Rio de Janeiro in 1825, after arriving in Brazil. He was married to Anna Margaretha (Sparrenberger) Fey (born 1779). Deceased in 1832.

Children of Conrad Fey and Anna Margaretha (Sparrenberger) Fey:

– Heinrich Fey, born in 1807 in Germany, and who died in Rio Pardo during the Farroupilha Revolution; (Henry Fey, 1839);

– Friedrich Conrad Fey, born in 1812 in Germany, who later married Francisca Lauermann (daughter of Johann Lauermann and Magdalena Kreutzer) and had at least seven children;

– Philippine Fey, born in 1816 in Germany, who married on 01/1/1835 with Miguel Inaz Calsing, and also had at least seven children (Dois Irmãos).

1825 In São Leopoldo, on November 27, Peter Sieben, a widower, married the widow of Conrad Fey (deceased on arrival at Rio de Janeiro, on Armação Beach, Ilha Grande), Anna Margaretha (Sparrenberger) Fey.

1837? Friedrich Conrad Fey married Francisca Lauermann (daughter of Johann Lauermann and Magdalena Kreutzer) in Brazil and had at least seven children: Pedro, Fellipe, Mathias?

1843 Mathias Fey. The Great-Grandfather is born.

Mathias Fey was born7 on May 29, 1843 in Ivoti. He died on August 8, 1917 in Marata and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery of S. Pedro de Maratá Line. Mathias married Anna Kerber.

Anna Kerber was born on October 12, 1847. She died on July 6, 1930 in Marata and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery of the São Pedro do Maratá Line. Her father: Felippe Kerber and Catharina Ferst Kerber.

1867 Guilherme Fey. The Great Grandfather is born. He was born on 17 August 1867 in Picada 48 – SL. He married Maria Magdalena Kerber on November 16, 1891 in the São Pedro do Maratá Chapel.

Maria Magdalena Kerber was born4 on October 7, 1872 in Maratá. Father: Nicolau Marx was born on October 25, 1865 in Picada Café. He married Maria Braun on July 23, 1889 in Dois Irmãos. Mother: Maria Braun.

1895 João Felippe Fey. Born in Brochier. (Grandma). His grandparents: Matias Fey, Anna Fey (paternal), Felippe Kerber and Catharina Kerber (maternal).

1922 João Fellipe Fey married Elma Marx on February 25, 1922 in Brochier (2nd district of Montenegro) / Maratá. Parents: Guilherme and Maria Magdalena Fey. Elma Marx was born in 1900. Parents: Nicholas and Maria Braun Marx.

1926 Birth of Arno Reynholdo Fey (Reinholdo) Born in Brochier (then 2nd district of Montenegro). Brochier emancipated himself in 1987.

1944 Dating between Armo and Maria (letter of Arno to Maria).

1946 Arno receives certificate of military reserve 1st category (probably to take care of João Fellipe enfêrmo).

1946? Probably João João Fellipe had a shoe store near the current house of Liane (daughter of the Arno) in Caxias do Sul.

1948 Marriage between Arno and Maria Fiorinda Ballico Fey in Caxias do Sul.

1955 Ademar Felipe Fey is born in Caxias do Sul / RS.

Note: In the second half of 2019 we released a book about the descendants of Conrad Fey (1st Fey family arriving at the RGS). More information on this link.


2nd fey family to immigrate to Rio Grande do Sul (1827-1829)

The second Fey family (1829) to arrive in RS was that of Johannes Fey (deceased at the time) and Susana (Peitz) Fey. They traveled to Brazil by the ship Helena Maria (Cäcilia). Susana arrived in São Leopoldo on May 14, 1829, already a widow with four children. They ended up going to São José do Hortêncio.


If you are aware of Fey in Brochier, Ivoti, Maratá or other locations nearby or not, please contact us if you wish to share the information. Any contribution is welcome!


Ademar F. Fey
Caxias do Sul, January 2017



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